Fines and Fees

Renter Fees & Fines

Fees & Fines* Charge to Renter (not incl. admin. fee) Owner Share Admin. Fee**
Excess Mileage Fee 1% of daily fee per excess kilometer driven 70% R100
Late Return Fee 2 x daily fee. 70% R250
Gas Fee Cost to replace fuel not refilled 100% R250
Toll Fee Cost of toll (including governmental charges) 100% R100
Ticket Fee Cost of ticket (including governmental charges) 100% R250
Cleaning Fee Up to R750 100% R250
Pet Fee R500 100% R250
Smoking Fee R500 100% R250


Owner Fees & Fines

Fees & Fines* Charge to Owner
Owner Late Cancellation         R500
Owner No-Show         R500
Violation of Maintenance Policy   minimum R1000

*Together with the trip checklist, photographic proof must be submitted within 24 hours after the end of the rental. Quotes and receipts must be submitted within 7 days after the end of the rental.
**RentMyRide reserves the right to charge an administration or inconvenience fee, plus any costs incurred by RentMyRides, for categories not explicitly noted above.

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