How does your insurance work?

‘Keeping you safe is our priority’

We understand that sharing your car with your community is a big decision. Firstly, don’t worry, one of the ways we protect you is by obtaining an R10 million liability insurance policy that protects you against accidents, property damage up to the actual retail value* of the vehicle (the nearest amount needed to replace your car with a similar vehicle), lawsuits for injuries and theft during the rental period.

We screen each renter against strict eligibility criteria. Plus, we run additional verifications in the background to maintain a safe platform. You might be renting your car to business people, tourists or just anyone that needs a car for a while. Still, YOU decide who rents your car. You can accept or decline a booking.

In addition, you will be protected against “comprehensive” and “collision” losses that occur during the rental period as per our insurance policy. We cover your vehicle for its full retail value when something goes wrong.

*Retail value is the highest value your car can be insured for, which therefore puts you in the best position to completely replace your vehicle.

As long as you’re in compliance with the Terms of Service, during a reservation, the following protections apply:

  • Owner: Liability coverage up to R10 000 000; protection for physical damage to your car up to the retail value of the car is provided.
  • Renter: Liability coverage up to R10 000 000; physical damage to the car covered up to the retail value of the car. In each case, your out-of-pocket exposure is limited to R5000 per claim, the excess of the vehicle plus processing fees. There is no coverage (i.e., you are fully financially responsible) for mechanical or interior damage. Clutch damage is handled separately and our policy can be found here. Renters are only limited here to R5000 per claim. There can be more than one claim which requires an additional R5000 if the claim amount is above R5000 and also the renter would be responsible for additional charges beyond R5000 e.g. extra km, fuel, cleaning, delivery, towing, interior damage, mechanical damage with malicious intent.

Basic Excess Flat Rate of R 5 000.00 *(renters are responsible for all damage amounts up to R5000. All amounts above R5000 will be covered by the insurance on the vehicle).

  • Hail Damage Excess 5% of Claim Minimum R 250.00
  • Windscreen Excess 25% of Claim Minimum R 500.00
  • Theft & Hijack Excess 5% of Claim Minimum R 2 500.00

*You can see a detailed explanation with examples of damage and insurance claim here: Detailed explanation of damage and insurance claims.


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